The Brazen Bollocks Mercenary Co.

Episode 2: Dues for the Dead

*Rorreth regretted that he did not have more time. The meeting with the dragon cultists had been quick due to both time and increasing pressure. The Knights of the Black Fist were more vigilant following some of the recent events in the city and that at least one of the Dragon cult followers had been captured. The Black Fist were aware of several other sources of trouble that may end up distracting them, if all went well. He was cautious as he moved through the streets of Phlan and toward the back alley where he had established a teleportation circle in an abandoned shack. His tattoos and red garb were covered by a hood and cloak, as a Red Wizard being spotted in Phlan would surely bring about more scrutiny. A few coppers into the hands of street urchins had assured the safety of the circle and Rorreth as he moved back and forth between the base in the graveyard and the city. Laryth had been keeping the place free of roaming undead from the Necropolis, but the few zombies that had stumbled into their base were easily controlled and useful to a necromancer of Rorreth’s skill. Hopefully they would have the time they required to tunnel towards the Keep and, ultimately, to the Pool.

The Bollocks were hired by Doomguide Glandon to secure the catacombs beneath Valhingen graveyard from recent undead incursions and to see if there was something going on that had stirred up the dead. The graveyard had been secure for many years previous to the recent activity. The party descended into the catacombs and explored the parts of the place that were used for receptions and viewings. They bypassed a door where some bizarre burning and burying rituals were still performed by members of unusual cults in the city. Once inside the deeper catacombs the party was attacked by a couple of zombies who appeared to be trying to get through a locked door. Once dispatched, the party was contacted by people on the other side of the locked door. Three members of the Welcomers, including the rogue Thark, were behind the door. They had snuck into the catacombs via a grate open to the air of the graveyard. The zombies had trapped them. The Welcomers were sent out of the tombs by the party with no trouble.

*Thark and the two klutz’s he had with him had managed to wreck the wooden stairs on the way out. Hopefully those adventurers were resourceful. Thark was grateful that the people who found him had been the ones calling themselves the Brazen Bollocks. He only knew of the Bollocks by reputation and recent news stated that they had all been killed at the battle of Hilcant Run. These must be the remnants of the group trying to meet up with any other survivors. He stopped short of reaching the exit to the catacombs when the sound of a door opening behind him caught his attention. These two idiots were looking around and talking about looting the place, still. They had no idea how lucky they were that the undead had not killed them and that the Bollocks had found them rather than Black Fist guards or some other, less reputable, adventurers. He whispered as loud as he dared to the others behind him and directed them to stop messing around. They responded and moved to catch up to him. Now, had either of them remembered to bring the picks so they could pop the lock and get out of here…

The PCs moved cautiously through the tomb complex and encountered many unusual rooms where old and forgotten burial practices had been left for the ages. A room with the bones of many people interred in the plaster and stuck to the ceiling proved surprising when several of them dropped from their perches and attacked the party. After a few rounds, Rando was surprised by the appearance of a ghoul and zombie that came plunging down the stairs and into the room where the PCs were fighting the animated skeletons. The party dealt with all threats and moved forward into the deepest parts of the catacombs. Rando scouted ahead and he was the one that discovered light and the sounds of voices from a place deep in the underground chambers. While scouting he accidentally knocked over a few loose bits and caught the attention of several more zombies. This, in turn, alerted the others in the chamber and set the final confrontation into motion.

*Rorreth was stunned by the swiftness of the attack that came from outside of their quarters. A human, halfling, teifling, and dragonborn; no doubt that they were adventurers of some kind. Probably hired by the Kelemvorites to secure the place. He had been careless with the amount of undead that he had raised and a zombie had gotten loose and spooked the graveyard staff after killing one of their night watchers. Rorreth wished that it had been members of the Black Fist rather than an adventuring party. Some members of the Black Fist were more malleable than others and had not proved too difficult to bribe, if they were so inclined. Rorreth gathered the last of the things he would need and moved towards the teleportation circle. The he was violently struck by both magic and steel. Before he could react he was down, dropped to his knees and spitting blood. This was unexpected. Thankfully he had his things and with a word, Misty Step took him to the circle and he was gone. Just before he disappeared, he saw Laryth draw her hooked sword and move to engage the warrior swinging a huge two-hander. His life was most likely forfeit because the Thayan Knight was a skilled killer and he had seen her in action enough to know that she would be fine. Besides, the invisible Dragon cultist was sneaking around the room and would deal with anyone lurking behind the melee.   Rorreth knew that the Dragon cult would be disappointed that the plan to secretly access the Pool had failed, but Rorreth had gathered a great deal of information and would pass it on to the Dragon cult, and his masters in Thay.

The Bollocks engaged with the villains in the tomb. A Thayan Knight proved to be a dangerous challenge and an invisible cultist created a threat in the back lines. Some Kobolds also lent their weapons to the battle. The Bollocks nearly killed the Wizard of Thay in the first round of combat. He was badly wounded, but had his own tricks ready and managed to teleport away. The others were cleaned up in a matter of rounds. The Bollocks discovered that the Wizard of Thay was here under assignment from the Cult of the Dragon to seek out and reactivate the Pool of Radiance. The Bollocks looted the place and headed back to the surface to report their findings. They made a brief stop to retrieve an offering box from a small shrine to Morrigan that was hidden in the Necropolis. They arrived at the surface to find that the lighthouse on Thorn Island was not lit and the city was darker than it had been in many years.



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