The Brazen Bollocks Mercenary Co.

Frosts Journal (pre-Brazen days) #1

Note to self, you should have listened to that Erza girl. I still can't believe they kicked me out. One little embezzling scheme.  Its not like the gods really needed that few hundred gold anyway.

Frost stopped and looked down at her book. The amount had clearly been scribbled out several times. She shrugged and closed the book. "The key to a good embezzling scheme is to make sure that you have a cooked book already, that matches up perfectly." Erza's words echoed in Frosts mind. Frost still remembered the smirk that Erza had given her when she found out what Frost had been up to. Erza had been the first tiefling that Frost had ever met and so she took an immediate shine to the woman.  She didn't know exactly why Erza had opted to take her under her wing, but she wasn't going to argue. Even though Erza was a few years older then Frost, they quickly gained an affinity around town.  They became known as the Twin Devils due to what they were, and the fact that where you saw one, you knew the other wasn't far behind. While Frost had began to dabble in the life of crime, it was Erza's teachings, that really helped her flourish. 



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