The Brazen Bollocks Mercenary Co.

Frosts Journal (pre-Brazen days) #2

Frost looked both ways, double checking to make sure the coast was clear. She has only been working at the warehouse for a few days, but had made sure to know where the logs were kept, and who was in charge of them. Frost then slipped into the office and went straight over to the big oak cabinet and gentle pulled on the doors. The doors resisted of course, Erza had told her that this would be a quick job. Frost pulled out the key that Erza had copied for her and slipped it into the lock. Here goes nothing, she thought to herself as she turned the key. With a simple pop, the doors unlocked and Frost pulled them open easily. She quickly grabbed the large brown tome and took it over to the table and began to skim through it. Erza had taught Frost how to read and duplicate a ledger pretty easily.  Soon she found what she was looking for, the Onyx orb, said to have some pretty powerful magic abilities. It was going to be picked up by a buyer by the name of Lucy Heartfilia in two days. Sadly that didn't give them much time to plan, but they had a name and a date. Plus, it had already been paid for in full, so they wouldn't need to come up with fake money. "What are you still doing here Lisana?" A gruff voice asked, the sudden noise startling Frost. Damn it Erza! You said that the night guard didn't normally show up until after dinner. Frost was going to have to add this to list. Frost looked up at the guard and offered a smile. "Sorry, if I had known that Grey was going to order another barrel of fish, I wouldn't have taken that long lunch today." Frost looked around the office and out the window, allowing her gaze to drift off, as if lost in thought. "You know, with the extra increase in our fish and camping gear sales, we really should tell Laxus to give us a raise… I mean, does he have any idea how much extra work we have to do with this increase in business?" The man stood in the doorway for a moment, eyeing Frost up and down, trying to get a read on the situation. Finally, he spoke up "Aye, but there is just one problem with that." He said as he slowly entered the room. Frost just maintained her smile and turned again to look the man in the eyes. She knew that with the help of that magical headband that Erza had lent her, that there was no way the man could see through her disguise. "Whats that?" Frost asked slowly shutting the book and standing up. The man stopped half way to the desk and cracked a grin "If Laxus ever gave up a single copper in profit, it would be a sign that the end of the world has started" The man finished with a laugh. Frost laughed as she walked over and put the tome back and closed and locked the cabinet. She moved quickly past the man and into the door way. "Hey wait" the guard called out, advancing slowly towards Frost. "I am pretty sure I saw some shady looking people out near the allyway. I wouldnt be a very good guard if I just let you get attacked like that." Frost saw the intent in his eye and started walking slowly back out of the door into the hall. The disguise was good, but it was just an illusion after all, and she knew it wouldnt hold up to someone touching her, let alone doing what this guard clearly wanted to do. Frost smiled sheepishly and said, "Thats very nice of you, but I think i'll be fine on my own." The guard kept advancing until Frost was against the wall. "I don't think you understand what I mean by that Lisana." Frost rolled her eyes. "I know exactly what you mean you disgusting pig" Before the guard had time to react, Frost had slammed the bronze Orb paperweight she had stolen off the desk into his head. The guard dropped like a stone. "Well shit" Frost muttered to her self "I hope he still remembers Lisana when he wakes up" She dropped the bronze orb and walked down the hallway. As she neared the exit, she dropped the paper, detailing the raid and the target items that was going down next week and listed the names of the people helping Lisana and who was helping her. Frost smiled, pleased with herself as she walked outside. The shady group of men near the ally saw her and started walking towards her. She silently willed the illusion to drop and tossed the band back to her friend as they got closer. "The decoy is in place, and the prize moves in two days" She reported and she and her friends melded back into the shadows. 


A few days later after celebrating the acquisition of their new Onyx Orb, news had leaked out that Lisana had been arrested for assaulting a guard, and planing a hiest against the warehouse. When Erza heard the news she just laughed, "Thats why you have a fall person. At this point, they will blame the theft of the Onyx Orb on her too and no-one will be the wiser." Frost nodded and made a mental note of it. Erza was right, shifting the blame was the way to go. But knocking off warehouses was small time work, the best money was to be made.. legitimately. 



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