The Brazen Bollocks Mercenary Co.

Ira of Frost (A magic item)

Frost wasn't sure how she knew how to create this pact. Maybe it was something all Devils knew how to do by instinct, maybe it was something from her white Dragon heritage. Which would make sense, both Devils and Dragons were well known for making pacts with lessor beings.  It also might have had something to do with the pact that she had bled on that the villagers on the island had with their infernal masters. Looking around the small room, she studied every detail of the magic circle that she had drawn up. It wasn't easy with pipnip chattering away. He was odd for an imp. But maybe he wasn't. Frost hadn't really met any other imps before. Satisfied with her work, she exhaled and began to chant the ancient ritual in Infernal and ethereal chains lashed out from a clear diamond necklace in the center of the circle, and wrapped around Pipnip, binding him in place. He let out a yelp and was suddenly silent as the chains paralyzed him. Frost pulled out the silver ritual knife and cut the imps hand. Blood dripped from the knife and Frost licked part of the blood off the knife. Visions flooded into her mind as the memories from the Imp flooded into her mind, along with a name. The true name of the Imp. "Abarax" Frost spoke aloud. A flash of light burst out from the imp, and all the light in the room was pulled into the necklace in the center of the circle. Frost touched the Diamond with the bloody knife and the clear diamond absorbed the blood and turned a dark crimson color. And with that, the Ira of Frost was created. Abarax was bound to the necklace, and more so to Frost herself.  As the light slowly came back into the room the Imp was released from the chains and fell to the floor. He looked up at frost, awaiting his new masters orders. Frost looked down at him "Your new name is Trex. Now come Trex, we have work to do" Frost said as she picked up the necklace and put it around her neck.



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