The Brazen Bollocks Mercenary Co.

Episode 1: The Courting of Fire

"What is it, and how much does it pay?"

*Spernik was enjoying the change of scenery over at the Tea Kettle this afternoon. Those Halfling gals were really hitting the spot, in terms of his mood. He thought that Tibeem and Ellison were too somber for this place. They were off on some errand or another for the Kirk of the Dragon and had to meet with some Black Fist guy they had in their pocket. It felt, like an afternoon off; and he was taking in the scene with glee. He didn't get here much because they were working double-time making these forgeries of some books with the info they needed for their errand. Supposedly there was an old dragon worshipping Druidic Kirk in the hills not far from the city. Spernik had not spent much time in the country as a child and he really reveled in the chance to camp out for a few days before they had to start digging, and searching old, dark places…

               The Brazen Bollocks were hired by Aleyd Burral to look into the theft of several books from Mantor's Library. The Bollocks spoke with a the bar staff at the Laughing Goblin Inn and learned a little about the thieves and that they had a third companion. They also had the opportunity to speak with a person from Cogburn's Grocery, Tad Staslep. He was delivering supplies for Spernik and Tibeem, the thieves. The Bollocks then spoke to the Lord Sage of Phlan and learned about the thieves, their jobs at the library, and what books they stole. They also asked around about the third companion, but were unable to locate him. Krev spoke with a librarian regarding some draconic histories he wanted to read later on. The Bollocks decided on their travel plans and made for the Circle of the Scale; the site of a Druidic Dragon worshipping cult that came to a bad end at the spear tips of an orc army about 150 years ago.

*What in the Nine Hells was happening? The dead bodies they had seen in the outer chamber had been walking around when they came out of the Black chamber. Thankfully the kobolds of the Red Scale tribe were fierce warriors. They managed to kill a couple of the things and drive the rest back so they could secure the door. Once inside the main chamber, their group could work on retrieving the other parts of the key. A couple of hours ago there had been voices and torchlight coming from the other side of the door. The sounds of battle probably meant that the walking dead were taken care of, but that meant armed people were also out there, and Spernik now only had six, increasingly agitated, kobolds left with him. The kobolds were in  panic because the armed people from two hours ago, they were busting open the door…

The Bollocks traveled for two days on foot and by cart. They arrived at the Circle of the Scale and knew for a fact that the circle of standing stones was a full blown ambush. They engaged the enemy in similar fashion and the restless kobolds sent out a winged scout to spot the party, leading to an engagement which the party quickly wrapped up. Descending stairs into the earth, the Bollocks explored the Temple of the Scale. They found some coins amongst the old bedding and kitchen supplies. They battled some zombie followers of the Druidic cult, some underwater ghouls, and a very aggressive skeleton. They set about breaking down the door to the next chamber where Spernik and his kobolds were holed up. Spernik had a couple of spells ready to go and froze Gundar with a hold person spell. Krev hit Spernik with a Ice Knife spell which did not do much damage, but it exploded a few seconds later and shredded five of the remaining six kobolds into meatloaf. The final kobold turned on Spernick and screamed at him in Draconic "What did you get us into?!", before trying to stab him. The party finished the last kobold and captured Spernick.

Next, the Bollocks tackled the trapped altars holding the keys to the next room. Rando breathed a lot of poison gas, retrieved the Green portion of the key, and took a short rest. Krev nearly got his leg sliced off by a scythe trap set in the stairs of the White Altar's dais, but he tossed a kobold body on the trap and disarmed it for good. Frost tried to sneak into the Blue room to retrieve the last section of the key, and got shocked a bit for her efforts. The Bollocks set the keys in place and opened the embossed metal door made to look like a dragon. Stepping into the inside they saw the reliquary they saw a tiled mosaic made into the shape of an enormous Red dragon with its open mouth facing the party. A voice boomed from the dark warning them away from the place. Scalebinder Skovac confronted the party with his robed druidic servants. He was an ancient undead guardian watching over the reliquary. The bones littered on the floor are proof of his honed ability to kill. Skovac spoke bireifly with the pasrty and confessed some of his sins, but in the end, the Bollocks had to get paid and they went for the Relic. Skovac spoke a word in Draconic and the Red dragon's maouth flared to life and covered Skovac and his companions. The fire revealed Skovac wielding two blazing swords and his cohort became enraged burning ash zombies. The combat was brief, but not without some cost; as Frost was savaged by a trio of the ashen zombies. The Bollocks, once again, stood alone.

*Spernik counted himself unbelievably lucky. A dozen kobolds had come from the Red Scale tribe to see how the project was coming along and to offer their assistance. They arrived to find the bodies of their tribesmen dead in the stone circle outside the temple. They found Spernik tied up in the chamber outside the reliquary and quickly cut him free. He explained the situation as the sounds of battle began in the chamber beyond them. He had no doubt that the group of ruffians would win the day. They seemed to be too fortunate for their own good. Quickly taking stock of the room, Spernick grabbed his pack with food and supplies, a knife and spear from a dead kobold, and hustled out of the temple. A couple of kobolds had been on watch and they stated that some men  were making their way up the road and if they moved fast, they may be able to intercept them and get their horses. Spernik knew the only way to escape these mercenaries was to get away fast. They hadn't killed him, but they seem to have killed everything else in the temple. He urged the kobolds on, and they set out.

Going back out into the previous chamber, the Bollocks found that Spernik was missing and that his bonds had been cut. The party set about tracking him and followed his trail into an area adjacent to the Quivering Forest. The Bollocks were confronted by a band of elven rangers who warned them away from the forest. Soon after another group of elves appeared with Spernik tied up. They stated that the kobolds with Spernik had been killed. The Bollocks exchanged some pleasantries with the elves and headed back to town. They turned Spernik over to the Black Fist and went back to the Madam Freona's for some much needed rest.



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