The Brazen Bollocks Mercenary Co.

Episode 6: The Scroll Thief

The Scroll Thief

The Bollocks were alerted late in the evening by Aleyd Burral of a series of robberies that occurred under the cover of rain and night, in various locations around the city. Homes and offices were broken into rather brazenly and some citizens were assaulted in the course of events. The robberies were thought to have been perpetrated by small humanoids, possibly Halflings, and some human counterparts.

The Bollocks visited Martin Foss and Aya Glenmiir. They each had books stolen from them. Marten lost a numbered journal detailing the adventuring exploits of Ren O’ the Blade and the Pool of Radiance some 150 years past. Aya lost a book detailing the mysteries of the Weave and how it creates Pools of Radiance, specifically the one that used to be located in Phlan, under Valljevo Castle.

The Bollocks were distracted and subsequently attacked by a group of Kobolds (posing as Halflings), a Dragon Cult Cleric named Soares, and a transformed man in the shape of a monstrous dragon-powered creature. The fight was dangerous, but the Bollocks prevailed and gathered some clues. The man had been wearing the armor of a Black Fist officer splattered with green paint. It was strange. This must have been one of the groups that participated in the series of robberies.

The Bollocks went to the Library and spoke with several people, but specifically Cassra Brandywine, who is in charge of the scriptorium. Cassra indicated that an attempt to break into the library had been made, but that it had not been successful. Upon investigating some suspicions, the Bollocks found that a man they had investigated once before in conjunction with other stolen documents, Ellison Berringer, was also missing. It was believed that Ellison was in league with the cultists Spernik and Tibeem, and may have been acquainted with Halvin Graingle (Tales Trees Tell). The Bollocks followed Cassra to the archives below the library to search out companion volumes to the books that were stolen. Their investigation led them to discover the body of a Library employee who appeared to have been murdered. A sudden, loud sound like a thunderclap shook the archive room and the bookshelves collapsed on the party, trapping a couple of them undershelves and books.

Cassra led the Bollocks further into the archives where they were attacked by some Shadow creatures awoken by the loud noise. They then found a secret chamber with the collected histories of Phlan prior to the takeover by the Zhentarim. The items were stored by Denlor the Sage. The Bollocks looted the place and took a Headband of Intellect from a trapped box. Another thunderclap alerted the party to an opening in from the archives to the sewers of Phlan.

The Bollocks followed the sewers to a drainage area and were attacked by two Carrion Crawlers. Dealing with the creatures and sliding out of the sewers and into the Stojanow River set the Bollocks on a path to the Twilight Marsh. Some information gathered form a found backpack indicated that the Cultist Ellison was headed to the Marsh to meet with someone named Rynthrax. Following the trail into the Marsh led the Bollocks to a small island surround by water and reeds with a cave opening leading into the earth. Ellison was sitting on the beach tending to a fire. Rando snuck into crossbow range and shot Ellison in the back as he headed into the cave. Ellison cried out and fell out of sight. Seconds later the wingtips of a horse-sized Black dragon portended the appearance of the dragon itself. It took to the air as the Bollocks approached the island.

The dragon, Rynthrax, used its control of the area around its lair to attack the Bollocks with the water from the marsh and drag them to the ground. It also created an area of magical darkness over the cave entrance. The Bollocks fought Ellison and tried to stave off the strafing acid breath attacks from Rynthrax. In an inspired moment, Frost used her magic to speak to the dragon. Rynthraz was convinced to land and parley with Frost, who worked hard to convince Rynthrax that she was a member fot eh Dragon Cult and that Ellison is a traitor. Believing her, Rynthrax used his acid breath to attack Ellison and destroy him.

The Bollocks parleyed with Rynthrax for several more minutes. They exchanged some books from Rynthrax and he went off on his own errand for the Cult, thinking that some new allies had presented themselves. The Bollocks headed back to Phlan for some much needed rest.



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